Lois Pope Foundation: An Overview

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Lois Pope, the wife of late Generoso Pope Jr., who founded the National Enquire, had worked for the improvement of others lives on humanitarian ground. She not only managed various charitable organizations like The Lois Pope Foundation, a Memorial Foundation for Disabled Veterans LIFE and LIFE (Leaders in Furthering Education) but also devoted her life various other causes including supporting veterans, youth activities and medical researches. Charity, humanitarian relief, medical help and endowment activities for numerous people are some of the social works for which she had dedicated her life.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania born Lois Pope was honored with honorary degree of Doctor of Laws from Chestnut Hill College where she took her educational qualification. Moreover she was also presented with honorary degree of Doctor of Humane Letters by the American Rabbinical College. She had divided her time between Snowmass at Colorado and coastal city while presently residing at Delray Beach in Florida.

Awards and contributions

Lois Pope foundation had awarded Unsung Hero Scholarship in the premises of Sophie Davis School of the New York’s City College, to four talented students of medical field within a decade. The recipients of scholarships were awarded a sum of $25,000 to cover up their tuition fees and other needs during education. Alongwith it at the Florida Atlantic University, Florida Center for Environmental Studies was also contributed for $ 100,000 by this foundation of Lois Pope to support an adversely affected community by Hurricane Mitch with a system for clean water in El Triunfo, Guatemala. Lois Pope foundation also contributed with a group, Community of Sudanese and American Women/Men (CSAW), which leads the response team for Sudan genocide for $50,000. Five ambulances were gifted by her in Israel to Magen David Adom and the adults at The Cedars of Marin coping with disabilities were also helped by her with donations. Lois Pope foundation also managed the International Achievement Award presentation through which she contributed $100,000 to the medical scientists as a research capital for various diseases that are expected to breakthrough in future.

Lois pope foundation led a campaign of $85 million to constitute a monument in support of the US veterans, the American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial, which honors millions of disabled and war injured veterans in America. This monument was constructed in the Botanic Garden of America after the approval of National Capital Memorial Advisory Commission where in the end of 2012 a dedicated service was held by her.

Lois pope was interested in honoring veterans since long when she was working with Broadway where she performed for the benefit of this cause in a show at Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine in New York. She sang a song from West Side Story titled ‘Somewhere’ when she saw a smiling man who deeply touched her and her life experienced a great change. In 2001 she started to raise funds for constructing a memorial when a Vietnamese veteran was honored with the award of Unsung Hero by her.

Thus Lois Pope foundation honored numerous veterans and contributed with various organizations working for social cause.

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